The Avant Gods started as a pet project with Bassist/Producer Joey Dolan. Working with artists found through the online music portal Wikiloops, Joe collaborates on tracks by way of the Internet with artists around the world who share a passion for instrumental music. Some tracks begin with a guitar riff, some with a drum line or keyboards, however all encapsulate a combined vision to create compelling, unique and visionary music that rivals the mainstream.

Working from his home studio in the 2020’s, Joe combined shared elements of music, adding his concepts of bass guitar to tracks, then mixed and masters a series of collections that spoke to jazz and instrumental enthusiasts. It was the avant-garde tracks with fellow artists Andri Spede and Titus Arko that spawned The Gods. The songs bent the framework of song structure and expanded into musical artwork that refused to conform to standards.

With his love of artists including The Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Spirit, John McLoughlin, Return To Forever, Pat Metheny, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater and his own works with Inkless among others – Joey has set out to make music available that fits the genres mentioned and adds to the stream of music these artists have gifted the world. With the Avant Gods, you will hear collections of works, each offering the personal insight of the artists own tastes, melding together to create something amazing. An open air market of music that has no boundaries and delivers absolutely one-of-a-kind creations; made together by artists who for the most part, have never met face to face.

Note: Wikiloops is an online portal that allows artists to share works and collaborate from their home locations, with artists from around the world who share their craft for the sole purpose of creativity and musical growth.  Wikiloops was founded by German creative and multi-instrumentalist Richard Kaiser in 2010 and has grown to include literally hundreds of thousands of musical works available for participants to use in further developing those musical pieces into their own vision and to share with everyone involved. There is a monthly fee, very minimal, that maintains the hosting and offers unlimited access to the archives and connections to thousands of artists all around the world, in every style of music. Visit: Wikiloops today to learn more and to support the single most important online music portal ever created.